Technical consultation service for the development of your Edge-AI implemented products

Edge-AI Implementation Consultation Service


Implementation of Edge-AI using "FPGA"
optimum for embedded devices

While the spread of "Cloud-AI" rapidly expands in the embedded market, expectations are rising for the possibility of "Edge-AI" that can be processed independently at the edge(end-device) due to operational cost, processing capacity, security, etc. In addition, although there are several options for directly installing the reasoning function of AI in embedded devices, there are some advantages to the needs and restrictions peculiar to embedded devices in "Implementing edge AI using FPGA" It has effectiveness. We provide "Edge-AI Implementation Consultation Service" that is technical support for implementing AI using FPGA along the service menu.

Implementation of Edge-AI using FPGA

FUJISOFT's "Edge AI Implementation Consultation Service"

As AI's introduction costs a lot, it is very important to design AI according to the application and needs, and plan and verify before implementation. In addition, a wide variety of expertise is required to select the optimal way of implementing AI from among various options. "Edge-AI Implementation Consultation Service" is a technology consultation service that helps your Edge-AI development by our AI engineer and FPGA engineer. It will do from analysis and evaluation implementation in Edge-AI implementation to various AI optimization support.

Edge AI Implementation Consultation Service

Introduction of service menu

STEP1 Preparation / offer of preliminary report (free)
Our engineers interview you about the AI model and we will report the possibility of implementing AI in FPGA and the contents considered by our technical team.
STEP2 Implementation for evaluation and verification (paid service)
We can help you create code that can incorporate your developed AI into FPGA and evaluate Edge-AI. Our AI engineers and FPGA engineers provide our customers with a series of tasks to install tentative Edge-AI and there are rare cases where we can not implement them depending on the results. However, in many cases, implementation of functional evaluation is completed in a relatively short period of time. Since this is a service focusing on "implementing", optimization such as accuracy of AI, processing speed, and code size compression of FPGA is not taken into consideration. It is a consultation aimed at function evaluation and function verification by converting your AI to edge AI. This is a consultation within fixed fee.
STEP3 Supports Edge-AI optimization (paid service)
We offer a consultation menu for optimizing edge AI, such as wanting to improve accuracy, increase processing speed and compress code size. Our AI engineers and FPGA engineers work together to help you optimize your Edge-AI and improve your perfection.
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