Embedded Development experiences utilizing

Leading Edge Technologies
for building an IoT society

Many information appliances for IoT society have been
developed utilizes FUJISOFT Leading edge technologies.
Embedded development case studies in a wide range of applications



  • ADAS
  • Entertainment
  • Powertrain ECU
  • Chassis Related ECU
  • Body Related ECU

We widely support Embedded solution development for automotive systems such as ADAS using stereo cameras, IVI/ light control /air conditioning control, Powertrain systems such as engine/transmission/ motor control, and chassis systems including brake control / steering / suspension control and AUTOSAR for accelerating applications.

Automotive Body Safety Chassis Powertrain

Development Experiences

Development Experiences

We develop vehicle control applications efficiently by using Model-Based Design with MATLAB/Simulink and real time simulation on HILS. We also specialize in replacing legacy specifications and source code with models.

Related Keywords

Model-Based Design Development



Measurement/Evaluation System

We develop measurement and diagnosis system that are integrated with digital/analog signals, cameras, wired and wireless networks of sensors. We also support the automation of measurement and diagnosis based on ASAM standard and deployment of a validation environment.

Related Keywords

Measurement Equipment



Research/ Early Development Stage

We provide rapid prototyping system to modify, test and validate the concept of the system (software and hardware) used for vehicle applications at the early stage of development.

Related Keywords

Model Based Development

Rapid Prototype

Medical Equipment


  • Coverages
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Analytical Instruments
  • Medical Care Information System

We provide the latest embedded technology for medical information system development. This includes image management besides of firmware, middle ware and application development for surgical equipment, diagnostic equipment including diagnostic imaging/ biomedical instrumentation and sample analyzers

Hospital Hospital Ward Inspection Department Outpatient Operation region Drug sector Central Monitor Ultrasonic Diagnostic Equipment・Endoscope・Medical Imaging Management System・X-Ray Imaging Apparatus Anesthesia/ Aspirators Prescription Business Support System

Development Experiences

Polygraph System

We implement a function of high speed waveform drawing process to display biological information collected by measurement equipment on high definition monitors using DirectX in real time applications. We provide a one stop shop for the development of software and hardware including upper layer applications and application-specific boards.

Related Keywords

Intracardiac Electrocardiogram

High-Speed Waveform Drawing

One-Stop Shop for Development Services

Analysis Equipment/The Specimen Transport Apparatus

We support firmware development for high speed timing control. This is in accordance with mechanical control and analytic time chart based on automatic analyzer, motor control, sensor information, and software developments of upper layers’ applications for monitoring and controlling the whole system.

Related Keywords

Clinical Examination



Holter Analysis Device

We implement the feature of browsing various forms from drawing processing of Electrocardiogram waveform and electrocardiography trend graphs. This is done after performing data analysis of vital data collected by Holter electrocardiograph with a diagnostic algorithm, dedicated recorder’s recording and tablets terminals.

Related Keywords


Waveform Analysis

Tablet Cooperation

Medical Imaging Management System

We develop the whole PACS system ranging from PACS servers used for image data communication based on DICOM standard to DICOM viewer for displaying image processing from high definition images using graphic libraries.

Related Keywords

Image Processing



Medical Recorder

We provide image transfer processing for recording and replaying video and pictures captured by endoscope, image transfer processing to multiple external medias ( DVD, BD, USB, servers), simultaneous data transfer to external recording media, and image transfer processing with DICOM communicating with PACS.

Related Keywords

Medical Videos

Image Processing




We offer communication module on FPGA supporting high speed processing, connecting control system board and sensor system board in endoscope system. We also offer board evaluation services. The board includes FPGA implemented with firmware for verification.

Related Keywords

High speed processing

Board evaluation services


Central Monitor

We provide FPGA design services for central monitors (terminals for monitoring). Although collecting the massive biological data using central monitors can be realized by collecting biological information from monitors installed in hospital rooms and operation rooms, we implement systems using FPGA and SDXC IP cores to ensure efficient data storage.

Related Keywords

Accelerating data transfer

High capacity data storage



We develop lightweight high speed processing ventilator using small size micros without any OS.
We implement high precision feedback control with 1ms of precision, valve control using PWM(Pulse Width Modulation), and motor control using PMC(Pulse Motor Controller).

Related Keywords

OS less

Fast processing

High-precision feedback control

Ultrasonic Diagnostic Equipment

We develop Development medical ultrasonic diagnostic equipment for high speed signal processing and image processing using DSPs(Digital Signal Processor). We implement pipelined data path and computation to realize high speed processing. We also perform validation of computing result in one pixel 1bit unit.

Related Keywords

High Speed Signal Processing

High Speed Image Processing


X-Ray Imaging Apparatus

We develop ultra-high-speed image transfer and X-ray image capture board. The high resolution x-ray image can be loaded to PC with over 4Gbps high speed serial communication – Serial Rapid I/O, PCI-Express, and FPGA.

Related Keywords

Image capture board

high speed image transfer

Industrial Equipment


  • Machine Tools
  • Industrial Robots
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

We provide the latest IoT technology powered by development of GUI app interfacing HMI (Human-machine Interface) centering on machine tools, industrial robots and semiconductor equipment, control software development, operation and maintenance software development. With a high degree of expertise, we also support evaluation work and various manuals assist preparation.

Hardware Software GUI Design Development Manual asset preparation Evaluation work

Development Experiences

GUI design and SW development of CNC machine

We are developing CNC GUI and processing simulation software, monitoring system on PC and software realizing picking operations utilizing image processing algorithm.
We also offer consistent development from GUI screen specification, design, manufacturing, evaluation, to automatic test development.

Related Keywords

CNC Machine

GUI Software

Image Processing

GUI & SW Development for Industrial Robots

We are developing operation panel part GUI for operating industrial robots. We also provide consistent development from design including GUI screen specification, manufacturing to evaluation.
We are proposing an operability conscious design for the GUI design.

Related Keywords

Industrial Robots

GUI Software

GUI Design

SW Development of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

We are performing the GUI development for semiconductor manufacturing equipment (die bonder, Prober), manufacturing unit of servo motor control software development and processing data collection and development of condition monitoring system. We also develop automatic test system for printed circuit board verification by comparing with the test results.

Related Keywords

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

GUI software

Control Software

Office Automation Equipment


  • Printer
  • Print Controller
  • GUI
  • Tools
Print Controller Scanner GUI Engine / Finisher Other Tools

Development Experiences

Print Controller

We realize RIP (Raster Image Processor) features resolving high speed and high resolution images by fully utilizing multi-core processor capabilities. We offer the most optimal RIP features for your products with our extensive development capabilities.

Related Keywords


Parallel Processing


With our expertise in MFP (Multi-Function Peripheral) engine development(Paper conveying control, fixing unit control, image formation control), we can develop the whole system from upstream to downstream projects.

Related Keywords

Paper Conveying Control

Fixing Unit Control

Image Formation Control


We offer high usability UI developed by our system engineers, who are experts in MFP (Multi-Functional Printer) and have a wealth of GUI development experience ranging from the control panel to Web UI.

Related Keywords

Control Panel

Web UI


Printer Driver

We support various printer driver development for Windows & Mac (PS, PDF Scan). We are working on the latest printer driver development compliant with Windows V4 architecture.

Related Keywords


V4 Printer Driver

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