FUJISOFT group with 10,000 employees

is an industry leader in embedded system development.

FUJISOFT utilizes state-of-the-art
embedded technology to solve customer
all design requirements.

FUJISOFT's Embedded system capability solves customer all design requirements

We offer design services, research, validation, and production support as a one-stop shop. Our consultant team supports customer from the initial phase of requirement specification definition to production. In the development phase, we create a seamless collaborative development team for both hardware and software.

FUJISOFT supports embedded system development
for all applications

研究 開発 試験 生産 コンサルテーション 研究から開発 開発から試験 試験から生産 コンサルテーション コンサルテーション コンサルテーション コンサルテーション

Here lies the difference!
FUJISOFT's competence in
embedded system designs!

FUJISOFT is able to provide comprehensive embedded system design services for both software and hardware.

We have extensive experience of SoC FPGA development.

In the past, present and future, we have been acting as a support resource for society with the advanced technology.Please review our embedded system development case studies.

Entrusted Development Experiences

FUJISOFT's software development capabilities can meet all your requirements

We are capable of software development for all software layer from OS porting,
I/F drivers to application layer.

Our specialized teams have extensive experience in embedded system development

We have been working with customers for many years at developing embedded systems,
we have gained trust of our customers.


  • Altera/NiosⅡ (FPGA)
  • Renesas (SH/H8)
  • ARM
  • PowerPC
  • NEC (V850/K0/K4)
  • Xilinx/MicroBraze (FPGA)
  • Texus Instruments (DSP)
  • Analog Devices (DSP)
  • freescale (DSP)
  • Cypress/PSoC

Development language

  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • ASM (8/16/32bit)
  • Java
  • XML

Communication interface

  • SD
  • Ethernet
  • CANO
  • USB Host/Client
  • Wireless(LAN/ZigBee)
  • PCIe

Real-time OS

  • μiTRON
  • Linux
  • Android
  • ThreadX
  • Win XP Embedded
  • Win 7 / VISTA
  • VxWorks


  • FAT16/FAT32 etc

Target applications

  • Multi-function printers / printers
  • Industrial equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Automotive / In-vehicle devices
  • Measurement devices

The most remarkable thing about FUJISOFT is itsembedded software development capabilities.

FUJISOFT is capable of providing design services because of its highly trained software development specialists.

Please review our extensive experiences below.

OS tuning

Resolving bottlenecksShortening boot time
Optimization for Real-time Performance

Implementation of Original OS

Signal Processing

Signal Processing Design with an emphasis on efficiency

Optimal coding utilizing assembler


Customization for boot loader and micro code

Additional implementation in addition to original features

FUJISOFT's hardware development capabilities can meet all your requirements

We offer total system development support
including EMS system from requirement definition
to system validation to production.

FUJISOFT has extensive experience
in hardware and system design

LSI, FPGA design and validation

  • VHDL
  • Verilog-HDL
  • System-C
  • System-Verilog
  • C

Circuit board design and production

  • Schematic design
  • PCB production
  • Components procurement and assembling
  • Validation
  • Board Simulation

OEM production

  • From prototype to mass production
  • One-stop shop for circuit design and casing development
    Manufacturing products with collaboration from partners and subsidiaries


  • CAN Controler
  • PCIe-DMA-Controler
  • HDLC/SDLC Protocol Controler
  • Reed-Solomon
  • Wake-on-LAN magic packet
  • I2C Master Slave Controler
  • PCI Express(Gen1/Gen2)
  • ZigBee
  • USB 2.0/3.0(Host/Client)
  • CameraLink
  • EtherCAT
  • UART Controler
  • 10/100Mb Ethernet
  • DMAC
  • SRIO
  • Ethernet
  • LIN Controler
  • SPI Master Slave Controler

Memory Control

  • SDRAM/DDR2/DDR3 Memory Cont
  • EEPROM Controler
  • SATA-2/-3 Controler
  • SAS-1/-2N Controler
  • SDRAM Controler (PC100/133)
  • SD/SDHC/SDXC (HighSpeed/UHS-I)
  • EEPROM Controler
  • USB 2.0 Device Controler

Image Processing

  • JPEG decoder
  • LVDS Video SerDes
  • Display-Port
  • Image Correction
    Binarization / Gray scale correction /
    Enhanced / Format conversion

Signal Processing Control

  • AGC
  • CRC

Controller Related / Bus Control

  • PWM control
  • Camera Link
  • Core x Press
  • AXI
  • AHB

Here lies the difference!
FUJISOFT's competence in
hardware development!

FUJISOFT supports a wide range of software and hardware development from upstream of development process to mass production.
FUJISOFT group provides complete hardware development support.

Introduction of FUJISOFT group companies


CYBERNET SYSTEMS is a total solution provider and integrator in CAE industry with a wide range of CAE solutions.
FUJISOFT provides a one-stop for EMC countermeasures for FPGA-based high-speed signal processing board, quality assurance of high-speed transmission line, large and multi-scale FPGA system validation and design validation environment.

  • EDA tool distribution and support
  • Building validation environment and maintenance services
  • EMC countermeasure training
  • RTL Design support training
  • Various engineering services
  • EMC measurement evaluation system integration and maintenance services
OA Laboratory Co., Ltd.
OA Laboratory Co., Ltd.

OA Laboratory support customer needs for ODM, OEM&EMS service and as a vendor for development and production. Utilizing our experience in the field of information and communication, we are a professional manufacturer that develops LAN switches equipped with the latest FPGA devices , including optical communication network related equipment, FA equipment, IoT and various video equipment.

  • optical communication network equipment development
  • 4K/8K image device development (optical transmission, distribution amplifiers, etc)
  • Manufacturing service in high-density packaging line (efforts to 0603 and 0402)
  • Large thermostatic oven lending service
  • Repair service for precision electronic equipment

Partnership with major FPGA providers

FUJISOFT is specialized in FPGA development using both ALTERA and XILINX FPGA solutions. We offer a wide range of FPGA solutions to meet your requirements.

In the past, present and future, we have been acting as a support resource for society with the advanced technology.
Please review our embedded system development experience in detail.

Entrusted Development Experiences

Safe and trusted quality management

Of course,
we are ISO9001 certified.

We have been working
on IDE 62304, JIS T 2304
to handle medical
equipment safely.