Adopting the stereo vision algorithm developed by Dr. Saneyoshi, who is a leading researcher on stereo camera for vehicles.

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Private: Stereo Vision IP Suite


Introduction of Stereo Camera use case and achievement for automotive and other industries

Stereo Vision IP Suite is used in various fields taking advantage of accurate distance measurement between camera to objects.
In the automotive industry, automotive makers implement Stereo Camera as Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) for safe driving. Also, it can be used to find ruts on the road which are required maintenance. Furthermore, Stereo Vision is suitable for robot arm control, customer movement analysis in a retail store and security surveillance camera. In this way, you can use it in a wide range of fields for your needs.

As stereo camera can see objects with the principle same as humans’ eyes, it can be used in varieties of senorios.

The Stereo camera is a sensing technology using two cameras to capture images like audio system uses two speakers to play sound. Since Stereo Camera technology takes images with multiple cameras, it calculates an accurate distance between camera to object surface, which is not possible with a mono camera system. Stereo Vision is used for autonomous driving and pre-crush sensing to improve automotive safety. Also, it contributes to improving robot arm control, customer movement analysis in a retail store and security countermeasure. In this way, Stereo Vision has a broad range of applications.
The followings are the examples of Stereo Vision IP Suite implemented with FPGA developed by FUJISOFT.

Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS)

Stereo cameras are implemented for automotive ADAS to improve safety and make driving more comfortable. Compared to LIDAR system, stereo camera system consists of inexpensive visible light cameras, and distance information which covers the entire field of view. It is effective for passive sensing.

Industrial, FA
Robot arm control

A robot arm control can be more accurate and stable by taking advantage of recognizing object exact location and shape calculated with disparity data from image data by two cameras on left and right.

Detect customer movement flows at retail stores

With stereo vision camera in a retail store, customer’s movement flows can be collected and gathered on the cloud, which is useful to improve the layout of products.

Security countermeasure
Special surveillance, such as detecting entrance into prohibited area

Since Stereo Vision can obtain both camera image and distance to objects, with combining stereo vision’s 3D data and standard surveillance camera image, stereo vision system can lower detection errors for crime prevention. Furthermore, detecting entrance into prohibited area can be realized with the 3D data.

Predicting danger
Finding ruts on the road which need maintenance

Stereo Vision IP Suite can be used for any kind of vehicles. For instance, it can be installed on a public transportation vehicle such as a taxi or a bus, it automatically detects ruts or any potential hazard on the road for vehicles to avoid.

Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS).
For special surveillance(ex. human detection)
Customer movement flow in retail store
Road surface(rut, cracks) inspection
Security countermeasure

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